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The maintenance of girder calibration instrument


1. The tower must tighten the runner and fixing device every six months to prevent the tower from falling off;
(1) Remove the chain, and then remove the tower top cap from the tower column to check the overall situation of the chain;
(2) clean the tower top cap;
(3) Clean and lubricate the inner wall of the column tube;
(4) Reassemble the components and fix them.

2. Tower ring sleeve and sprocket are lubricated once every 2 months to clean dirt and excess grease at the wheel shaft.

3. Lubricate the movable leg shaft every 2 months.

4. Hanging Latta and roller shafts are lubricated every 1 month.

5. Check the sheet metal tools and accessories, whether there is a crack, thin or open welding phenomenon, pay attention to replacement and maintenance. Two, the maintenance of the hydraulic parts of the beam calibration instrument.

The hydraulic parts equipped with the equipment are the core part of the whole equipment to provide power. Please extend the equipment in strict accordance with this regulation.

one the maintenance of girder calibration instrument 1

Service life:

Before using the hydraulic system:
1. Check whether all the connections are tight and leak-free, especially the quick joints.
Note: because after the system is pressed, you will not be able to tighten the joint by hand, not to mention using tools, otherwise, it will damaged joint.

2. Expel the air in the system;
(See the method in the second below)

3. Check the liquid level of the oil tank, add oil to the indicated position, and refuel when all oil cylinders are retracted.
If the cylinder does not retract when you retract the cylinder, the tank will overflow or create internal pressure when you retract the cylinder, damaging the system.

4. Do not grab the hose to lift the equipment.

Air discharge in the system

1, how to judge that there is air in the system, the hydraulic system should work continuously and smoothly, for each pump stroke
The cylinders should all rise evenly. If the cylinders are moving unsteadily or crawling, this indicates that there may be air in the system.

2. How to exhaust the air in the system
Open the release valve of the pump and expand the full stroke of the cylinder 3-5 times until there is no crawling
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