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SLD-L3H China Manufacture Auto Body Frame Machine

Product Description:
China manufacture auto body frame machine/chassis
Body repairing equipment
Auto body frame machine

Product Features:

1. Hydraulic tilting lift platform assists light and flexible movable legs, making it easier to get on and off the car in an accident.
2. Flat square hole working platform, five rows of square holes, and the whole table is processed by large CNC flame cutting equipment, high flatness, high strength, fixed no blind area, stretching faster.
3. The traction tower can be rotated 360* along the working platform track. The unique roller rotation mechanism makes the movement of the tower more stable and more flexible.
4. The unique design of the main fixture spiral lifting method, with the jaws held horizontally, the screw can be lifted up and down, the height is fine-tuned, and the vehicle can be quickly adjusted for different chassis heights.
5. The jigs designed by mechanics flow lines have been forged and heat-treated. They have high strength and long service life. They have almost taken into account the correction of any deformation.
6. The hydraulic pump station is tailor-made according to the domestic maintenance environment, with strong power and durability. Maintenance is convenient and fast, accessories are adequate, and maintenance costs are low.

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Product Parameters:

Bench Height:540mm
Max. Lifting Capacity:3500kg
Worktable Length:5200mm
Worktable Width:2100mm
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:SLIDE
Model Number:L3H
Warranty:1 Years
Product name:Auto body frame machine/chassis body repairing equipment
Tooling’s carts:Tooling Carts Optional
Certification:CE Approved
Payment:T/T L/C
Company history:Years
Using range:Widely
Kinds of clamps:Standard Clamps 4 Pcs

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. OEM ODM service.
2. Customized service.
3. One Year Quality warrant service, during the period spare part supplied free if you pay for shipping.
4. 24 hour online service. I will back to you with in 2 hour


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